Brisbane- The Sunshine city is the perfect place in Australia to get rooftop solar panels installed at commercial and residential locations. Unlike other cities, Brisbane’s weather remains quite hot throughout the year, with an average of 4-5 hours of direct sunlight every day. Maybe this is the top reason why 30% of Brisbane households rely on Solar installers as a significant investment. If you are struggling to find the Solar Panel Installers in Brisbane, this article will provide you all the information covering the advantages of solar panels Brisbane,the best solar companies, and their prices.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installers in Brisbane

There are many advantages of opting for the solar system in Brisbane, like:

  1. Great Savings on Electricity Bill: One of the most significant benefits of installing a solar system Brisbane is to get a substantial rebate on the electricity bill. If you have the right size solar system (5-6.6kW) facing the north direction that receives ample sunshine every day, your efficiency rate will be around 75%, and you can save great bucks on your monthly electricity bill.
  2. Solar Feed-In-Tariff: Apart from consuming solar panel energy for your daily requirements, you can also benefit from solar feed-in-tariff. It is the discount you get on your electricity bill when the power generated by the solar system automatically sends back to the electricity grid (after you self-consume the required amount of energy per day).
  3. Significant Up-Front Incentives under the Federal Renewable Energy target: The federal government encourages solar power installation in Brisbane by providing significant upfront incentives for fully installed solar PV systems. Under this scheme, you can get the usual 30-40% off on a solar installer’s total installation cost, but the exact value depends on the system’s size and location. Suppose if you opt for a 5 kW solar system in Brisbane, you will get an up-front discount of $2500-$4000 on the total installation cost.
  4. Great Returns and Low Payback Period: Due to the federal incentives and competitive prices, getting solar panels installed in Brisbane is very affordable. You can expect a great return ($650-$1200 savings annually) and a short payback period (5-6 years) based on your solar system size and self-consumption rate. If you have a good self-consumption rate (50-80%) along with a low installation cost, then you expect great returns in a short payback period on solar panel installers in Brisbane.

How to find the Best Solar Panel Installers in Brisbane for your needs?

To opt for the best solar system in Brisbane, you first need to identify your daily energy usage, and based on that, you can determine the size of the solar system ideal for you. Refer to the standard energy units (in kWh) in old electricity bills to calculate the average daily consumption. In general, Brisbane’s typical house consumes around 15-25 kWh energy per day, making the 5 kW solar system the ideal choice for most of the houses. Since solar systems are getting affordable these days, it is better to opt for a 6.6kW solar system for great returns and savings if you have enough space to install it.

Benefits of 6.6 kW Solar System Brisbane

As we stated above, total savings depend upon the size and quality of the solar system. It is always advisable to opt for a large solar installer if you have enough space and sunlight to get better returns on your investment. That is why a 6.6kW solar system is an ideal choice in Brisbane. Here are some of the key benefits of 6.6kW Solar System Brisbane:

  1. A typical 6.6kW solar system comprises 20*330 W solar panels and a 5 kW inverter, allowing you to get an approx 33% more solar rebate than what you get with a 5 kW system.
  2. As 6.6kW will produce more energy in low-light conditions, you can consume more power and thus save more on your electricity bills. The average output of a 6.6kW solar system in Brisbane is 10,110 kWh per year, which helps you save more than $2000 per year.
  3. A good 6.6kW solar system from renowned companies such as Sunpower, LG, etc., will cost you between $5200-$9500 (depends upon the panel-level optimization). This cost can be quickly payback within 3-5 years, and thus it is a great investment option.

How to Find the Solar Panel Installers in Brisbane ?

It is not essential that you can get the best solar panels in Brisbane only at a high price. Depending upon the quality, brand, manufacturing components, and size, you can decide which Solar System meets your budget requirement and can help you get good returns. From advising you on the best solar system Brisbane as per your needs to the full installation and support, we help you out with the complete process. Keep these tips in mind while opting for the solar installer in Brisbane:

  1. Always try to fit the solar panels on the roof’s tilt angle to ensure maximum light gets converted into energy.The ideal tilt angle is 27.4 degrees in Brisbane.
  2. Direction plays a vital role in energy production by Solar Panel. Always keep the solar panel in a direction where there is maximum sunlight. In Brisbane,North-facing solar panels produce the most energy as the sun is on the peak in this direction during the middle of the day.
  3. Always self-consume as much energy as possible to get the best savings on electricity bills and a high rebate.
  4. If you have a shady roof,it is advisable to opt for power optimizers or micro-inverters for the maximum output.
  5. To get the maximum rebate on installation, install as many solar panels as possible.
  6. Always choose the inverter and solar PV system components from a good brand that last longer for a short payback period and high returns.

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