A Brief History

A subsidiary company of Ginlong Company, Solis offers cutting-edge inverter products boasting of maximum reliability and unmatched quality. Solis inverters are counted among the first very few inverter brands that entered the Australian market when the demand for solar energy systems was at its peak. With top-notch efficiency, Solis has created a space for itself where its innovation and technology is commendable.

Sun Max Solar has curated brief info wherein you will find everything about Solis Inverters, and why these are counted among the best solar inverter brands in Australia. 

Competing with other best solar inverters in Australia, Solis offers an enormous efficiency of up to 98% accompanied by affordable price tags making it one of the most economical inverter providers for both residential as well as commercial applications.

Why Solis inverters are counted among the top solar inverters in Australia?

There are many reasons for it, so let’s point them down:

  • These can produce power between 1kW to 60kW
  • Owing to a wide range of models, Solis inverters offer efficiency levels from 97.5% to 98.3%
  • These offer a user-friendly monitoring app which makes it easier for you to understand real-time readings
  • These come with IP65 ratings making them suitable for harsh weather
  • These are easy to install due to their compact design and lightweight

And many more such reasons are there making it one of the best solar inverter brands.

Distinctive Features of Solis Inverters

Let’s walk you through some of the features of Solis inverters that make them quite distinctive as compared to the rest:

  • Durable: Solis inverters are subjected to rigorous testing during the production followed by another series of operational testing. This even eliminates any chance of minor defects that may eventually lead to a bigger failure of the equipment. So there is no doubt in the fact that Solis offers premium Tier 1 product that will last longer than others, allowing you a seamless experience post-installation.
  • Performance: Solis inverters, whether single-phase or three-phase, are designed to operate in moist, humid, as well as freezing temperatures. It doesn’t matter where you are located, its performance will never take a hit because of harsh weather.
  • Flexible Warranty: Like all other products, the value of your solar inverter also depends on its warranty status. Solis inverters come with an official warranty of five years, but you can extend it to eight or ten years depending upon your solar energy system. However, it is highly advised to confirm with your service provider at the time of purchase, as warranties are subject to change without any prior notice.

Not just these three, there are other distinctive features of Solis inverters that make them the best bet for your solar energy system like smart design, Wi-Fi stick compatibility, satisfactory and after-sales support among others.   

What do they offer?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the inverter models of Solis with their distinctive specification:



  • Single-phase inverter with multiple modes of working 
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.8%
  • IP65 rating with corrosion resistance
  • Dual MPPT design
  • Ultra-low harmonic with THDi rate greater than 1.5%
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with a real-time monitoring app
  • Power control system with DRM function



  • Official warranty of 5 years that can be extended to 20 years
  • 4G three-phase inverter
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.7%
  • Dual MPPT functionality with a voltage range between 160V-850V
  • Low harmonic distortion against grid with THDi less than 1.5%
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with a real-time monitoring app

Solis RHI-5K-48ES


  • Advanced prototypic hybrid PV inverter
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.5%
  • Dual MPPT in 3K, 3.6K and 5K versions
  • Integrated BMS system for monitoring
  • Integrated EMS system

Solis offers a range of inverter options spread across different price brackets. Although some specific models may be expensive, eventually they save you a lot of money over time. Depending upon the requirement, it may be best in your interest to choose wisely! 

Are you planning to go with Solis inverters for your home or commercial property? Visit www.sunmaxsolar.com.au, or you can call us at 1800 786 629 to get an obligation-free quote today. You can also get in touch with us for expert guidance on your solar energy system installation, and which solar panels will be ideal for you as per your requirement. Stay tuned to this space as we will be posting more informative content for you to read!   

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