As a homeowner, one of the smartest financial investments that you can make is installing a solar energy system in your home. There are several different factors to consider when reviewing deals from solar system providers – equipment you will prefer for your system, whether or not to go with financing and the installer you pick. All these things all affect your solar savings. 

Sun Max Solar brings you this easy guide that will allow you to compare the best solar panels that you can select for your home. Read on!

A grid-connected solar energy system has two main components – solar panels and the inverter. Some equipment also comes with a monitoring system, allowing you to see your electricity generation and consumption in real-time.

How to Choose the Solar Panels?

You can easily choose which solar panels you should go for. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  • Know the efficiency of solar panels you are considering to buy, and compare them with the industry average of 16-18%
  • Know the manufacturer’s warranty on your desired panels, and compare them with the industry average of 10-25 years
  • Don’t forget to compare the cost to the relative efficiency

How To Decide Which Solar Panels Are The Best For Your Home?

Solar panels can be compared on three key parameters – how productive are they, how durable are they, and their quality. The amount of electricity generated by a specific solar panel depends on several factors, including power rating, power tolerance, temperature coefficient and efficiency. These variables together tell you how much power your panel can generate.

When it comes to checking the panel quality, there are many ways through which you can understand it better. Begin with the warranties offered by the manufacturer. Solar panels degrade, just like all things, and over time become less efficient. To avoid such a scenario, go for the solar panels that don’t fall below a certain threshold for at least 25 years. Also, if you are staying in an area where weather is a bit harsh, you must check whether the solar panels can withstand such conditions. Solar panel failure is the last thing you can wish for in such circumstances.

How To Choose The Right Installer?

As much as the quality of your solar panels is necessary to ensure an efficient solar energy system, the repertoire of your solar installer also plays a significant role. Although solar panels may not be much expensive these days, these still come with a price tag. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional installer who knows your exact requirements and serves you in a way to ensure an efficient solar energy system.

Expert Tip: How To Choose The Right Inverter For Your Solar Panels?

It’s your inverter’s task to turn solar energy into something you can use to run your appliances. Solar panels use solar power to convert it into DC power. The role of your inverter is to convert this DC power into the AC power that you can use to fulfil your power requirement. You can find two types of inverters for your solar energy system – String Inverters and Module-Level Power Electronics (or MLPEs).

String inverters are known to be a lost-cost option for your solar energy system. These are mostly preferred when your solar system has optimal conditions for production. If you use a string inverter, all the panels installed in the system will feed the produced DC power to a single inverter which is then converted into AC power and is ready for use. On the other hand, MLPEs are expensive but offer a higher efficiency rate. These are preferred when your solar energy system can’t be installed at the best possible angle or is in a shaded area. In the case of MLPEs, each panel has its own dedicated inverter which conditions the generated power and feeds it to the main inverter. The power is then ready to be used for your usual purpose. 

Now that you know how you can choose the best solar panels for your home, it should be a bit easy for you now to find the best equipment sufficient to cater to your requirement.      

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