A Brief History

Founded in 2010 in Suzhou, China, GoodWe made its debut in the Australian market in the year 2012. Offering a range of solar inverters for both residential as well as commercial projects, GoodWe’s total global PV installation reached 15GW across 100 countries in the year 2019. The same year, GoodWe was also considered the largest storage hybrid inverter supplier and one among the top 5 single-phase string inverter suppliers worldwide by Wood Mackenzie, a global energy research consultancy group. In the year 2020, GoodWe was accorded by the EUPD Research with the Top Brand PV seal in Australia for the second consecutive year. GoodWe was also named as the world’s first non-European inverter manufacturer to be honored with VDE-AR-N 4110-2018 Compliance Certificate by TÜV Rheinland Industries Service in February 2020.

Sun Max Solar has put together an independent review wherein you will find everything about GoodWe Inverters, and why these are counted among the best solar inverter brands in Australia. 

If compared with other best solar inverters in Australia, GoodWe inverters offer a standard efficiency of 95-98% for residential projects and 98.6% for commercial projects, making it one of the most efficient inverters currently available in the industry. 

Distinctive Features of GoodWe Inverters

Let’s walk you through some of the features of GoodWe inverters that make them quite distinctive as compared to the rest:

  • Wide Range of Hybrid Inverter Offerings: GoodWe inverters make up for the largest range of storage inverters which include single-phase LV hybrid solutions (ES, EM), single-phase AC coupled retrofit solutions (SBP), single-phase HV hybrid solutions (EH) and three-phase HV hybrid solutions (ET). Clearly, GoodWe emerges out to be a better choice if you are planning to install a battery that requires a hybrid inverter. 


  • Multiple MPP Trackers: MPP Trackers which stand for Maximum Power Point Trackers determine the actual possibilities of roof orientations a string inverter can handle. If the panels are set on different angles on the same MPPT, the individual performance of each panel will be the same as that of the lower performing panel which will affect the output. GoodWe inverters offer more MPPTs across various inverter sizes. In addition to that, GoodWe offers the only 3-MPPT single-phase inverter in the Australian market, eliminating the need of having a more expensive micro-inverter or power optimizer solution.


  • DC Oversizing: DC oversizing simply means installing more solar panel capacity than your inverter’s output potential. This may seem like wastage of power, but given the efficiency losses, oversizing by 33% can be your best option to ensure a cost-effective design. Moreover, the guidelines of the Clean Energy Council also permit the same. GoodWe inverters allow a DC oversizing between ranges of 33-100%.

GoodWe inverters offer many more features like up to 98.6% efficiency and extended warranty periods of up to 25 years among many others that make them one of the best solar inverter brands in Australia.   

What do GoodWe inverters offer?

Let’s quickly go through some of the models you can get of GoodWe inverters:

XS Series


  • Single-phase inverter with 1MPPT 
  • Smallest inverter about the size of an A4 paper, and weighs only 5.2 kg
  • Available in sizes ranging from 0.7-3kW
  • Offers 33% DC oversizing
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.6%

EH Series


  • Only residentially manufactured hybrid inverter range by GoodWe
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • Compatible with high voltage batteries in the 85-450V range
  • Offers 33% DC oversizing 

MS Series


  • Industry-leading 3MPPT single phase inverter
  • Available in 5-10kW sizes
  • Powerful inverter weighing up to 22.5kg
  • Offers up to 100% DC oversizing

MT Series


  • 4MPPT three-phase models
  • Available in up to 80kW sizes
  • Focused on commercial applications
  • Offers up to 50% DC oversizing

GoodWe offers others series of its world-class inverters such as DNS Series, SDT Series, SDT G2 Series, SMT Series and other storage series offering a wide range of features depending upon your requirement. 

If you want to know more about the GoodWe solar inverters and which specific inverter model will be best for your home, visit www.sunmaxsolar.com.au or call us at 1800 786 629 today. Stay tuned to this space for more content about solar PV systems!

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